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Feed-in tariff: still a viable option in Italy?

With the current perceived volatility on electricity prices, the possibility to build new plants incentivised under the so called “FER1” decree could be a very attractive option in the near term for several investors.

Before completing an acquisition, it is important, even for those projects that have received a positive feedback from GSE, to conduct detailed legal and technical verifications, in order to ensure that the incentives will be safely secured.

It is crucial, among other things, to make sure that the information submitted fully reflect the GSE guidelines, that the SPV has full availability (and absence of constraints) of relevant land / rooftop space for both the plant and the grid connection and also to carefully monitor the modifications on the projects before construction.

If carefully managed from a very early stage, investments in incentivised renewable assets can remain a very relevant segment of the market in the years ahead.



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