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Relight part of the task force to draft guidelines about due diligence

We are very pleased to be part of the task force promoted by SolarPower Europe with the aim of drafting the “Lifecycle Quality Guidelines” for PV plants, together with other industry leaders.

In such context, we have pointed out that, every time PV plants/projects experience a “discontinuity” (e.g. a change of phase, a change of ownership or a financing), this should be handled with particular attention with the support of the most appropriate counterparties in order to keep risks under control and avoid “gaps” in the transition.

In particular, the implementation of an effective due diligence requires a structured methodology and skilled professionals to assess key critical aspects and communicate in a timely manner the related effects for decision-making with regard to structuring and monitoring the investments into solar plants.

Since its foundation, the Relight team has conducted technical screening / due diligence in relation to over 300 projects/operating plants for a total capacity of over 500MW.

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